Norwegian Car Carriers (NOCC) is a tonnage provider which owns and manages a fleet of vessels for the transportation of cars and other rolling cargo.

The vessels are employed under time charter contracts with car carrier operators that rely on NOCC's ability to deliver safe, reliable and high quality operational performance. NOCC adds value to car carrier operators by providing short- to long-term modern and efficient capacity, which offers the operator the ability to adjust its transportation capacity and offloaded operational risk.

The global car manufacturers require seaborne transportation for a share of their production of new cars. 

Contracts for the transportation of cars are awarded to the global car carrier operators under which they undertake to transport a variable volume of cars.

Based on owned and chartered tonnage, the car carrier operators manage a network of routes globally based on their volume contracts with car manufacturers. Operators manage their capacity requirements by chartering a proportion of their fleet from tonnage providers under contracts with varying durations.

NOCC’s objective is to provide a fleet composition and specifications in line with the operators' demands, balancing flexibility with sustainability. Our fleet shall be modern, operationally and energy efficient, with the flexibility to cater for a wide range of cargo types – from light vehicles to high and heavy project cargo.